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Soooo... I'm moving al my fics, though I dunno where yet. Maybe I'll make an LJ community or I'll transfer them to AO3... For now I think I'm just gonna use my LJ-account to lurk and read fic. That's what I created this account for in the first place after all.
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Unofficial Prompt Table.

001.Dagger 002.Red 003.Memory 004.Lost 005.Mouse
006.Brown 007.Rose 008.Life 009.Pain 010.Bar
011.Promise 12 012.Tree 013.Death 01 014.Love 015.Chocolate 11
016.Mind 017.Leave 17 018.Destruction 019.Hate 020.Doorknob 10
021.Inside 022.Sand 023.Hallucination 20 024.Desperation 025.Goodbye
026.Over 027.Desert 028.Illusions 029.Hope 030.Meat
031.Forest 032.Planet 033.In the woods 034.Play 035.Straw
036.Enemy 09 037.Cave 038.Invisible 02 039.Hide 040.Accident
041.Friend 042.Lake 043.Petty 044.Trace 13 045.Fake
046.Early 03 047.Family 17 048.Disturbed 08 049.Thieves 050.Truth
051.Late 15 052.Lust 053.Sickness 054.Babble 055.Lies 05
056.Clothes 057.Desire 058.Tears 059.Intoxicated 060.Happiness
061.Pinecones 062.Aliens 063.Unwell 064.Crazy 14 065.Secret
066.Bed 067.Portal 068.Hair 069.Water 070.Confession
071.Fly 16 072.Pure 073.Cows 074.Fire 075.Forgive
076.Faith 077.Strawberries 078.Cabin 079.Earth 080.Forget
081.Medicine 082.Innocence 04 083.Angel 07 084.Air 085.Let go
086.Book 087.Tea 088.Cheese 089.Spirit 090.Broken
091.Bible 092.Coat 06 093.Ice 094.Soul 18 095.Betrayal
096.Time 097.Blind 098.Blood 099.Letters 100.Nightmare

I stole this table from ficlets100 with permission.
Frank & Gerard

Fairytales 1/1

Title: Fairytales
Pairing: Sephiroth/Cloud Aerith/Zack
Rating: PG13
POV: Third
Summary: "I'll let you go, under one condition. One of my men has to ask me to set you free. I may not be the kindest man you've ever met, Cloud, but I'm not heartless either. I care about my men as if they are my brothers, and I'll listen to their pleads. If one of my men were to care about you so much that they would beg me to let you go, I will."
Disclaimer: I do not own FFVII or any of it's characters.

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Frank & Gerard

Regarding Another Chance

Over at I've started to post my chaptered Final Fantasy VII story; Another Chance. I don't want to start posting it here yet until I've finished it, which may take a while actually.
There are a few things about that story I'd like readers to know so I've decided to make this post and clear up some things which will happen in later chapters and how I view my characters. Because it'll be a rather long informative rant I'm putting it behind a LJ-cut to avoid the slaughter of friend lists.
This will contain spoilers for Final Fantasy VII and Crisis Core. And of course, for my story.

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