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Regarding Another Chance

Over at fanfiction.net I've started to post my chaptered Final Fantasy VII story; Another Chance. I don't want to start posting it here yet until I've finished it, which may take a while actually.
There are a few things about that story I'd like readers to know so I've decided to make this post and clear up some things which will happen in later chapters and how I view my characters. Because it'll be a rather long informative rant I'm putting it behind a LJ-cut to avoid the slaughter of friend lists.
This will contain spoilers for Final Fantasy VII and Crisis Core. And of course, for my story.

Sephiroth's fighting.
I'm a very strong believer of the fact that Sephiroth never used his real power against Cloud in the official game or against Angeal and Genesis during their training match in Crisis Core.
I think that while he fought with Cloud it was mostly Jenova in control and she wouldn't know how to fight with a sword, of course she tried and she had the luck that Sephiroth's muscles knew the movements and thus made it easier for her and that, of course, Sephiroth himself remembered every single move, but because he wasn't himself, he never used his full power. He was nothing but a puppet at the time, not in control of his own movements and thus he was way weaker then he actually is. Same goes for the fight with Zack at the end of Crisis Core.
The thing with Genesis and Angeal; they're friends. Or at least they were. He'd never hurt his friends like that to prove he was the strongest, no matter how hard Genesis tried, I really don't think he could have made Sephiroth burst

Cloud's behavior.
Cloud is not, no way, under any circumstance, a whiny, submissive, crying little uke. He's a man. He killed Sephiroth, several times, and survived it all. He went through hell and back and survived. Cloud is a fighter; he holds on to whatever and lives because he has too. Of course not everyone is always happy and giddy and YAY and Cloud most definitely isn't like that, but he's not a whiny little bitch either. He wouldn't let everyone walk all over him and then cry his little heart out while cutting his wrists and begging to die because they called him fat... Maybe I'm exaggerating, a lot, but I've read that, and I don't like it. If you do, you're reading the wrong story. The Cloud in my story goes back in time, he's been through that hell and he survived, he will not be impressed by some kids in Nibelheim or his fellow cadets at the ShinRa Military Academy. He's a lot stronger then most SOLDIERs, even the First Class ones. The only one, who's stronger then Cloud in this story, is Sephiroth.

For those who don't like Mpreg, never fear, the story will be wrapped up and finished before that is introduced. In other words; you'll get a warning on beforehand so you can stop reading but there won't be any loose threads or important plot chances. It's not necessary to read on to properly put an end to the fic.
The pregnancy part.
In a lot of mpreg stories I've read the couple is mostly shocked but also overjoyed and incredibly happy because they're guys and they're having a kid and that's just so amazing because that doesn't happen and it's a chance for them to start a family… blahblahblah… That is the biggest load of lovable crap I've ever heard. Yes I do like stuff like that from time to time, okay? If you're a man it's pretty damn impossible to plan for a family and kids if you're gay and not willing to adopt. If one of the two men then suddenly gets pregnant it's a shock, not a pleasant surprise. Imagine, you're being an all happy go lucky, lovey-dovey kind of couple and then BOOM! You're having a kid! First reaction? I don't think you'd start screaming in joy and pleasant surprise. Hell no, cue the fainting, the worrying, the questioning and the gradually acceptance! Most straight couples, who should be well prepared for getting knocked-up if they're not playing safely, are shocked when they hear they're having a kid.
Because that's, at least in my mind, a more logical reaction, things are going like that in my story. There will be fights, there will be screaming and crying and accusing and shock and maybe, I'm not sure yet, maybe the one pregnant will even consider cutting the kid out with his own sword!

And that's the end of this rant, I might chance some things over time or add some stuff so, but I'll let you know. For anyone who might be interested in reading the story, here's a link to my fanfiction account:
A_Shadows_Kiss at fanfiction.net
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