a_shadows_kiss (a_shadows_kiss) wrote,

Soooo... I'm moving al my fics, though I dunno where yet. Maybe I'll make an LJ community or I'll transfer them to AO3... For now I think I'm just gonna use my LJ-account to lurk and read fic. That's what I created this account for in the first place after all.

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    Title: Fairytales Pairing: Sephiroth/Cloud Aerith/Zack Rating: PG13 POV: Third Summary: "I'll let you go, under one condition. One of my…

  • Regarding Another Chance

    Over at fanfiction.net I've started to post my chaptered Final Fantasy VII story; Another Chance. I don't want to start posting it here yet until…

  • My Fic list...

    One Shots: Gerard Way/Frank Iero <--- My Chemical Romance A trip down memory lane PG-15 Just shatter me PG Brian Haner jr/Zachary Baker…

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